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    Three Clears are better than one

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    Friendly reminder that the Duckbill Platypus is not beaver sized but the tiniest most cutest patootie being in existence 

    OH GOD

    i thought these things were the size of like, large cats or something. ITS FUCKING TINY JESUS

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  4. What if Tangled, Wreck It Ralph and Frozen were classically animated.

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    I have to remember to stand closer to people before I talk to them.

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    I realized I haven’t drawn Beta!Ren. Unacceptable

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    Kung Fu Cats
    “If you trust yourself, any choice you make will be correct. If you do not trust yourself, anything you do will be wrong.”

    Photos by ©Akimasa Harada

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    Pizza Princess 

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    Listen here, you little shit…

    Saturn was NOT a single lady.

    "I’ll tell him not to go to a play. Ever."

    you should not hit dogs


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    If you thought the post on twins sharing consciousness was awesome, wait until you hear this.

    A 44-year-old French man one day went to the trip to the doctor’s because he felt a pain in his left leg. He’s a married man with two kids and a steady job.

    Doctor’s found that he had hydrocephalus as a child (when your brain is filled with fluids) so they decided to run some brain scans.

    What they found was that the majority of his head was filled with fluid. Over time, the buildup caused his lateral ventricles to swell so much that his brain had been flattened to a thin sheet.

    Doctors estimated that his brain mass had been reduced by at most 70%, affecting the areas in charge of motion, language, emotion, and, well, everything.

    Shockingly, he was fine. While his IQ was only 75, he wasn’t mentally challenged. He held a steady job, raised a family, and didn’t have trouble interacting with others.

    Over time, his brain had adapted to all that pressure, and even though he had fewer neurons that most, Jacques was still a fully functional human being.

    The doctors drained the fluid and while his brain is much smaller now, he is still a healthy individual with a normal life.


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    Art Nouveau style Nautilus shell 

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    he Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus), also known as the Lammergeier or Lammergeyer, is a bird of prey, and the only member of the genus Gypaetus. Traditionally considered an Old World vulture, it actually forms a minor lineage of Accipitridae together with the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus), its closest living relative. It is not much more closely related to the Old World vultures proper than to, for example, hawks, and differs from the former by its feathered neck. Although dissimilar, the Egyptian and Bearded Vulture each have a lozenge-shaped tail – unusual among birds of prey.

    It eats mainly carrion and lives and breeds on crags in high mountains in southern Europe, the Caucasus,Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, andTibet, laying one or two eggs in mid-winter that hatch at the beginning of spring. Populations are resident. This bird is 94–125 cm (37–49 in) long with a wingspan of 2.31–2.83 m (7.6–9.3 ft). It weighs 4.5–7.8 kg (9.9–17.2 lb), with the nominate race averaging 6.21 kg (13.7 lb) and G. b. meridionalis of Africa averaging 5.7 kg (13 lb).In Eurasia, vultures found around the Himalayas tend to be slightly larger than those from other mountain ranges.Females are slightly larger than males.

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